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Medical German

Who is a potential course participants?

     German medical course at "Ukrainian Medical Council" is potentially designed for the following categories of listeners:

     1. Students of medical institutions that wish to improve knowledge of German in order to further the practice, work, participation in international health programs, conferences, etc.
     2. Interns who want to learn German for Medical prospects for further work in international health programs and participate in conferences and forums in the field of global health; for those who want to get the ability to adapt their knowledge and skills, according to the main European standards of health care.
     3. Medical specialists, doctors who already have work experience in their field in Ukraine and want to learn German in order to prepare for exams in German according to the established standards of the World Health:
     4. Doctors who have a basic knowledge of the German language, who have the desire to improve their knowledge, in accordance with the standards, which are supported in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. This provides ample opportunity to realize their professional skills and to confirm their qualifications abroad

     How a group is gathered?

     The grouping is based on the results of preliminary testing to determine the level of proficiency in German, given the basic knowledge of the language, according to the following levels:

• Elementary (Elementary)
• Below average (Pre-Intermediate)
• Medium (Intermediate)
• Advanced (Upper-Intermediate)
• Advanced (Advanced)

Course structure:

     What are the courses?

     1. 3-month course (for students with basic knowledge, which corresponds to the levels: Elementary, Pre - Intermediate)
     This practical language course aimed at mastering the basics of medical terminology and the establishment of common knowledge of the language necessary for finishing the course of medical German.
   • Training in groups - up to 5 people
   • 1,5 hours 2 times a week
   • the beginning of classes in the 15-00, 16-45, 18-15

     2. The main course of medical German: (for students who meet the language proficiency level: Intermediate, Upper - Intermediate, Advanced). Course for all categories of health professionals who are going to continue to carry out their training to work on international health programs, as well as take part in international medical conferences.

   • Training in groups - up to 5 people
   • 1,5 hours 2 times a week
   • the beginning of classes in the 15-00, 16-45, 18-15

     3. Intensive language (accelerated learning German for medical students who speak good conversational German language)

   • 26 days (possibly on Saturdays and Sundays)
   • individually
   • 1.5 hour

     4. One month course (evening classes for students who have limited time to learn German)

   • up to 5 persons
   • 1,5 hours 2 times a week

     5. Distance learning (for all those wishing to study medicine German themselves)

   • by mail (or e-mail) a set of required documents and didactic material are sent, tests are monitored monthly
   • 5-6 months (individually), including six interviews in the organization

Perspectives for the study of health in German:

That gives knowledge of medical German?

   • The course participant is able to use fluently medical terminology, which opens up opportunities for participation in international health programs and future employment abroad;
   • the opportunity to improve the basic knowledge of spoken German language;
   • the ability to use their language skills to participate in international medical conferences, which provides an ample opportunity to acquire and share experiences, improve qualifications skills;
   • the ability to communicate with colleagues from other countries, participate in health forums in different countries.
   • study of medical German to prepare for exams in German according to the established standards of the World Health:

How the level of knowledge of German language is selected and determined?

     Your lessons start with an introduction of the test, which aims to accurately assess your knowledge and skills. Based on this test, you will get an updated training program to accelerate your mastery of the German language, as well as to master the basics of medical terminology.
     Testing includes an interview and a written part: written grammar and vocabulary exercises. In the selection and allocation also takes into account an individual approach based on the level of language skills, time available, requests for the courses.

What is the preliminary stage of training?

     Clearly, a doctor must be free to talk with colleagues and patients on a variety of topics. Therefore, the training starts with learning to communicate. This takes into account the basic communicative aspects, trends in the different methods of language teaching, and other academic standards.

What is the main course?

     Basic training program of medical German language is designed for 3 months and further comprising passing an intensive three-month course of spoken German for students with basic knowledge, which correspond to the levels: Elementary, Pre - Intermediate.

What is a typical structure of a class?

     In the classroom a positive emotional atmosphere conducive to learning is created. Elation, real dialogue, covering major medical issues, the texts are based on the basic algorithm of medical practice overcome "conversational barrier" from the first class and easy to communicate with students and teachers in the group on the study of the topic, as well as exchange of experience in various aspects of medical practice. Joyful feeling of realization of practical language and qualification of opportunities does not leave the audience during the entire course.
     Every day, you will feel more confident, operating basic terminology and in the process of active engagement in the debate, the exchange of information you will achieve optimal results in medical German.

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