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TOEFL iBT – Test of English as a Foreign LanguageInternet-Based Test

 Active process of international communication and search for employment abroad requires not only professional qualification but knowledge of foreign language for confirmation of speech competence directly before admission to be international students or claim to be employed abroad.

 There is a real opportunity to have English as a Foreign Language Testing (TOEFL iBT) directly at Education and Training Department of Ukrainian Medical Council for those who wish to study or to have employment abroad.

 Ukrainian Medical Council has rights of authorization at Educational Testing Service and is accredited to provide internet-based testing TOEFL iBT – Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet - Based Test.

 All those who want to pass this standard computer test in English as a Foreign Language established by American organization Educational Testing Service (ETS), have their opportunity to confirm their level of fluency in English due to update authorized version of TOEFL iBT internet-based.

 TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based) – is an international internet test in English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL iBT is provided due to initiatives of Educational Testing Service (ETS), Preston University, New Jersey, USA.

Fundamental aim of TOEFL iBT – is evaluation of the level of training of those whose native language is not English. Results of passed TOEFL iBT are compulsory to enter higher educational institutions in the USA, Canada, and other English-speaking countries.

 Furthermore, governmental organizations, education and training programs and other accredit authorities that are responsible for issuing licenses and certificates require test results and TOEFL (Level of English as a Foreign Language) passing over verification.

In any English establishment or office you will be asked about written confirmation of your language competence. Moreover, TOEFL passed is obligatory for participation in majority of programs of a probation period in institutions abroad, where studying process is carried out in English. Some scientific and professional certification programs require results of TOEFL from contenders too.

From July 1998 in a number of countries worldwide TOEFL is taken with the help of computer-based software program . Rules for registration and passing through computer internet - based and written variants of the test differ. Thus, you need to find out which version of TOEFL you wish to be registered for further testing.
    Supplementary information about electronic internet version TOEFL iBT passing you may receive directly at TOEFL Service

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