Programs offered and their durationDegrees (Equivalency)
2 years nursing programADN (Associate Degree in Nursing)
4 years Bachelor programBSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
2 years Bachelor program (for students already having ADN degree)BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
2 years Master program 
Distance Learning Programs
2 years Bachelor program (for students already having ADN degree)BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
2 years Master programMSN (Master of Science in Nursing)

Reasons for studying in Ukrainian universities:

  • Ukrainian diploma will let you begin your career or continue your studies in any other country.
  • Ukraine has entered about 30 official intergovernmental agreements on mutual recognition of certificates, scientific grades and titles, and about 40 more of such agreements are undergoing the approval process.
  • Ukraine is a member of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, as well as the Lisbon Recognition Convention on the recognition of qualifications concerning higher education in the European region. Many graduates of Ukrainian universities successfully work in the USA, Canada and European countries.
  • After graduating, you’ll get qualification attainable through a study model adopted in most countries. Many Ukrainian universities has implemented the Bologna reforms. Thus they have taken the course of implementing the European education standards and integrating into the European education and research community.
  • International Partnership with institutions all over the world provide an opportunity for direct interface and global academic exchange that enhances students experience to practice in different countries.
  • There are no racial, ethnic or religious conflicts in Ukraine. People here are cordial and hospitable.
  • Low cost of living. The cost of living in Ukraine is much lower compared to the European or American countries.
  • The tuition fees are also far below the level found in Europe and USA.
  • Universities in Ukraine offer dormitory rooms. You can rent an apartment as well.

Language of education

Students are free to choose the language their courses are held in. Currently, the courses are offered in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. About 90 % of foreign students are getting education in English.
Students who want to receive training in Ukrainian or Russian can be enrolled in the Preparatory Department.
A 10-months preparatory program provides Ukrainian or Russian language courses.

Distance Learning Programs

Distance learning is a flexible program which allows students to choose the time to study (day or evening shift studies). Distance learning programs are designed especially for professional nurses with tight schedules.
The BSN program provides a foundation for professional practice and further education;
MSN program provides nursing qualification for advanced practice or employment as a clinical leader or teacher.

Lots of students from the USA and Canada which took this educational program successfully graduated and received their BSN Degree.
Diplomas of graduates are recognized by accreditation agencies – members of AMCES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) and accepted by hospitals in the USA and Canada.