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Ukrainian Council of Nurses and Midwives is a department of Ukrainian public organization that is to satisfy and protect the legitimate social, economic, creative, age, national, cultural and other common interests of its members.

The main objectives of the organization are to promote the formation of the national register of professional practice of health professionals and the health care system integration of Ukraine into the European health care system in accordance with the standards of the European Union, as well as support for high professional level of medical care and the association of experts in this area for further cooperation.


Importantly! the English language test for healthcare professionals now recognised in Ukraine. The Occupational English Test (OET) is now recognised in Ukraine by ? Ukrainian Medical Council, ? Ukrainian Council of Nursing and Midwifery and ? Ukrainian Professional Council of Public Health Services, giving healthcare professionals in the region an opportunity to improve their career prospects.

By attaining the required OET Grade, as set by the respective recognising bodies in Ukraine, as a means to prove English language proficiency, healthcare professionals who have received their medical education outside Ukraine but are willing to practice on the territory of Ukraine, can satisfy registration requirements, with the added advantage of choosing an exam that is aligned to their profession in order to do so. Jointly owned by the UKs Cambridge Assessment English and Australias Box Hill Institute, OET is well established and recognised by authorities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai and Namibia. OET CEO, Sujata Stead, said: We commend the three recognising organisations for their commitment to the healthcare sector in Ukraine. Unlike other English tests, OET test materials are based on real healthcare scenarios so educators and employers can be confident that successful candidates have the level of English communication skills required for safe and high-quality patient care, she concluded. Fortunately, we have been granted this opportunity to take another vital step in improving the conditions for the development of our healthcare professionals. From now on all healthcare practitioners will not only master their English language skills but will also be able to improve their knowledge and attitude in becoming better healthcare professionals. With OET specifically designed for various healthcare fields, medical workers finally have the chance to feel more natural and confident in doing the language test that is related to their area of work. And we do believe that OET will be strongly rooted in Ukraine for all the benefits it offers its examinees- stated Dr.Bilan, the President of Ukrainian Medical Council.
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