The Ukrainian Council of Nurses and Midwives  is a department of an all-Ukrainian public organization for the satisfaction and protection of the legitimate social, economic, creative, age, socio-cultural and other common interests of its members.

The main objectives of the organization are to promote the formation of a national register of professionally practicing medical specialists and the integration of the Ukrainian medical care system into the European healthcare system in accordance with EU standards, as well as supporting a high professional level of medical care and uniting specialists in this field for further cooperation


  • Registration and certification of nurses and midwives
  • Translation and legalization of documents
  • Consultations on employment in Ukraine and abroad
  • Foreign language courses
  • Conducting exams
  • Legal support of contracts

 – From June 2018, the certified international English language exam OET (Occupational English Test) will be available for students, graduate students, scientific and pedagogical workers and doctors to take on the territory of Ukraine.

The Occupational English Test is provided and monitored by UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE ESOL Examinations (Cambridge English Language Assessment) and is now recognized across the UK and EU. The results of the OET exam are fully equivalent to the more well-known IELTS test. With the OET test specifically designed for various healthcare industries, healthcare professionals are finally able to feel more confident in their professional language skills related to their work.

The only official licensed organization certified to conduct assessments in Ukraine is the Ukrainian Medical Council. This exam confirms the level of English language proficiency and its compliance with the international standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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