The Ukrainian Nursing and Midwifery Council is implementing an international registration system in Ukraine.

All nurses, midwives and specialized nurses can register with USMA if they:

• have received education and are practicing in Ukraine;
• received education in Ukraine and practice abroad;
• received education abroad and practice in Ukraine;

After submitting the application, the council members decide on the need to conduct an interview with the candidate or on refusal, which they inform in writing.
The registration procedure takes from 2 to 4 weeks.

Information for nurses and midwives wishing to register with USMA 

The register of the Ukrainian Council of Nurses and Midwives consists of three sectors:

• Nurses
• Midwives
• Specialized nurses.

Nurses and midwives can apply for registration in one or more sectors of the register:
 Application form
 List of documents   

For nurses:

• General nurses
• Mental health nurses
• Learning disabilities nurses
• Pediatric nurses

For midwives:

• Midwives


To apply for registration as a nurse or midwife, you must provide evidence of education and clinical practice in accordance with the standards. 

An application for registration will only be accepted if there is a qualification as a nurse or midwife in Ukraine or another country.

 In Ukraine, nurse training before registration is carried out on the basis of completed secondary education and lasts 3 years. Hours of theoretical training correspond to nursing practice. The study of other subjects, such as political science, literature and foreign languages, is not included in the course of study.

At the time of application, you must have completed at least 750 hours of practice as a nurse within the last 5 years.

Documents required for registration:

• Certificates of school and general education with attachments and indicating the duration of study
• Certificates of marriage or change of surname (if available)
• Birth certificate
• Certificates of special education (nurses or midwives)
• Certificates of post-registration education, promotion qualifications, etc.
• Certificate of passing the language test (if available)
• 2 passport-size photos
• Diploma of higher (secondary) medical education with theoretical and practical training, number of hours.
• OET (The Occupational English Test) test certificate for knowledge of medical English. –

It is necessary to submit photocopies (scans) of all the above documents (original documents are not accepted). You can send them by mail .

Post-registration work experience form (attached)

The form must contain a listing of all professional experience as a nurse or midwife. It is also necessary to provide information about the registration authority that issued the registration. All cases of suspension or other disciplinary sanctions (if such precedents occurred) should be indicated.

Appendix to the certificate

The application must indicate the total number of hours of theoretical and practical training in each subject and indicate the nature of the practice. If your educational institution practices tests, you must indicate the number of hours that fall on each of the theoretical and practical tests.
Letters of Recommendation

References must be provided by the Head Nurse or Midwife and relevant to the type of registration for which the application is being made:

1. A reference from the Head Nurse or Midwife (as appropriate) from your current place of employment which confirms that you are employed there and are capable of providing relevant health services effectively in compliance with all safety measures. If you are not currently working, then you need to provide the appropriate reference from your last place of work, where you practiced for at least 3 months.

2. Characteristics from a senior nurse or midwife with whom you have worked for at least one year out of the last 5 years.

3. Characteristics from the registration authority – Certificate of Good Standing. 
This specification must be completed by the registration authority and contain proof of registration in your country. If the registration authority cannot fill out the section according to the medical commission, then it should be completed either by a representative of the medical commission or by a local doctor or therapist.
Testimonials from agencies are not accepted.

Decision making process

Each application is considered individually. As long as the appropriate forms and documents are correctly completed and submitted, a response should generally be expected within 7-14 business days